Purebred 🇬🇧

History repeats itself, they say…

In a future world, the world leaders – after the fifth and devastating world war – decided to erase all borders, forbid races, religion and all languages but English to end the wars once and for all. They didn’t succeed, of course, and the wars went on, even if everyone (almost) is of mixed breed, an atheist and speaks English. Europe is divided into provinces, some very poor after the wars, some prosperous, and one is ruined by an ongoing civil war, which started almost a century ago. Due to the civil war, a remote refugee camp was forgotten, and the refugees have struggled for their survival for eighty years. Leaving the refugee camp means dying in the vast distances, living in it means being totally controlled. The refugee camp is called Olympo, and in it lives Dora, who is considered a freak as she has got illegal hair-, skin- and eye color, her lover’s brother Thorbi and best friend Laban.

Purebred I – Escaping Olympo (Flykten från Olympo) (available in Swedish)

In the forgotten city of Olympo, dangerous dreams about escape, revenge and forbidden love dwell. Fifteen-year-old Thorbi dreams of killing the freak Dora, his sister’s murderer. When Dora is taken by mysterious men, her friend Laban sets up the escape from Olympo to rescue her. Thorbi goes along on the dangerous trip. If he gets the chance, he’ll avenge his sister.

Far away an old movement has surfaced and is getting ready to start a war. Thorbi and his friends find themselves in the middle of a horrible plan to conquer Europe. The army they meet has two goals. Slavery and extinction.

Purebred II – The Master Race (Herrefolket) (available in Swedish)

They think she is locked up in her uncle’s house, but she wanders through Bottom’s dark allies hidden under a hood. Dora is fifteen years old and a freak. Everyone in the forgotten city of Olympo loathes her, no one knows her.

One night she meets Mira and that changes everything. But what starts with friendship and love ends in murder and betrayal. Alone, misunderstood and desperate, Dora is kidnapped and brought to a place where old ideals and evil strive towards world dominance. Dora finds out she is a purebred, and  discovers what it means.

Purebred III – The General’s Mistress part one and two (Generalens älskarinna del ett och två) (available in Swedish)

The city of Pandor rests between high mountains, and on one of them the High Fortress broods. The dreaded General lives there, and he rules over die Herrenvolk’s army and all of the province’s death camps. When Whanzi is taken to Pandor Camp, nothing awaits her but hard labour, starvation and death. But Whanzi is no ordinary fifteen-year-old, and after an implausible escape she manages to get to the Resistance. They send her on a mission, which – if she succeeds – can give them the tools to shatter die Herrenvolk.

But Whanzi can’t forget her friends from Olympo. Where did they go, Laban, Thorbi and Piero? What happened to Dora? Whanzi finds herself in a world of espionage, intrigues and murder, and has to endure fear and terror before they all meet again.

When the war breaks out, the friends from North Hellas risk their lives in a last battle against die Herrenvolk.

All volumes in one  e-book (so far only available in Swedish)

The trilogy in four volumes (old cover, and so far only available in Swedish)