Lisa Kiddo

I use the pen name Lisa Kiddo for my Swedish children’s books!

Spy & Spy and The Great Gold Scoop (6 – 9 yrs) only available in Swedish (book & audio)

Flisan and Myran are two little girls enjoying their first summer holiday when they discover that there are nobblers lurking in the neighbourhood. There is this strange man in the graveyard who writes things in his little notebook, and the woman in the yellow jacket who walks around in the woods behind their yard pretending to pick mushrooms. 

Flisan and Myran immediately found the Spy & Spy detective agency and begin spying on the nobblers, convinced that something is fishy. Their mission leads them to the graveyard in the middle of the night and shortly afterwards they find themselves on a wild chase deep in the forest, on their fat ponies Rocket and Moose.

And after that it becomes really dangerous!

Spy & Spy and The Hatter’s Secret (6 – 9 yrs) only available in Swedish ( audio)

The August moon shines on four children creeping through the forest. Who’re they and where are they going? Are they not Myran and Flisan behind the trees? Yes, and they’re with the twins Aston and Mats. They’re on the best riding camp in the world and have found nobblers in the small village.

Who’s the strange hatter Hansson, and what’s he doing in his cellar? And who’s the thief who seems to be wondering the same thing? Spy & Spy saddle up and gallop into adventure without hesitation!

Mysteriet på High Chaparral  (13 – 15 år), only available in Swedish

Four children spend a few days at the western amusement park High Chaparral in Småland, Sweden. They go to see the western show Ranch Horse Classic and have a good time at the park when strange things start happening. Who’s the man with the dog who’s hanging around in the most unexpected places? And what’s it about the lonely, pale children that old Trapper Gus tells them about? Is it just a ghost story, or do they really exist?

Determined to solve the riddles, the children get into an adventure that’s much more dangerous than they ever expected.