Hi and welcome to my author page!

I’m Lisa and I’m a big fan of suspense! You’ll find suspense in my paranormal thriller series Raili & Ylva, my dystopian series Purebred, my dark romance series The Hunt and of course in my pulp sci-fi series Defcon Europe!

My books, originally written in Swedish, are currently being translated into English and have all been given new, different covers. This might be a bit confusing for my Swedish readers, as I’m working on turning some of the Swedish covers into the same covers as the English ones. This is a work in progress and the pictures of the Swedish books here might not be the same as the ones you see in the stores.

Raili & Ylva Mystery is a thriller series with paranormal elements, but is Purebred a dystopia? Yes, it is. And it’s not. I wanted to write a suspenseful YA series with multi-dimensional characters and I didn’t want cell phones. I really didn’t want cell phones. So I had the choice of setting the series either in the past or in a future that I made up myself. I chose the latter and created a future Europe recovering from several terrible wars and therefore looks more like the past than the future.

Why no cell phones? Well, in my thriller series Raili & Ylva Mystery, I have a big problem with cell phones. My protagonist Raili would pick up her cell phone and call the police as soon as she sensed danger if I hadn’t somehow made that impossible. When I started writing Escaping Olympo, I didn’t want to have that problem. No cell phones. No calls for help. What can I say? I’m a tough lady : )