The Hunt

The Hunt is a standalone sequel to the dystopian Purebred series and consists of the first book Siri and the second book Tatra. It’s an intense dark romance series full of love, hate, murder, betrayal and revenge. If you want to get to know the story from the beginning, you should read the Purebred series first!


We are in a future Europe, and the war is finally over. The evil movement of the master race is defeated. Whanzi and her friends rejoice in victory – but they have paid a high price and find it difficult to leave the horrors of war behind. Filled with a desire for revenge, they set out to hunt down the cruel General and the death camp guard Sonia Laden.

But when one of the friends suddenly embarks on a personal vendetta, the group splits. Meanwhile, Whanzi’s demons drive her away from the one she loves on an escape that has fatal consequences.


Europe, sometime in the future. After the terrible events in Margorz, one of the friends has disappeared and the roles have changed – they’ve gone from being hunters to being hunted. They have no choice but to face the threat.

Having no idea of the horrors that await them, they set off west to stop General Tarz. They fear that the two children conceived in the Pure Breed Plant will be used to create a new elite race, or that the General has an even more evil plan up his sleeve.

Before their journey is over, one of them is forced to make a fatal decision. Will it save them all, or will it all have been in vain?