The Hunt (Jakten) #darkromance

The Hunt (Jakten) is more of a dark and violent love story in a future Europe, than a dystopian like its prequel Purebred.

Siri and Tatra will be released in 2020.

So far only available in Swedish.

Siri – The Hunt I (Jakten I) and Tatra – The Hunt II (Jakten II)

The war is over, and the friends from North Hellas set out to hunt for war criminals. Their main goal is to catch the General and Sonia Laden – the  guard who whipped Whanzi at the death camp and killed Siri, her only friend in that horrible place – and to find Dora’s two children, who were made and born at The Pure Breed Plant.

The Hunt is a story of revenge, guilt, betrayal and fear. It’s a story about accepting who you are, and it’s a story about love.

Love conquers all, they say, but does it really?